NOKIA ***** Sapphire Arte Juodos sp. *****SIMkortos veikia vienumetu,*****GBatminties*****GBatminties kortele, N

kaina: 159,29 €(550,00 Lt) vieta: Vilnius

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*****SIM kortos veikia vienu metu, *****GB atminties ***** *****GB atminties kortele, NAUJAS
NAUJAS,kopija is Kinijos, lygiai kaip originalas ***** prie *****. Visur NOKIA logotipai, net sveria ***** gramu kaip originalus. Kaina ***** Lt. JUODOS SPALVOS
***** baterijos originalios NOKIA su NOKIA hologramomis bei NOKIA logotipais. Abi laiko po ***** paras. *****maziau naudojantis ir ***** paras atlaikys*****.

NAUJAS, visas komplektas: originali NOKIA deze, su IMEI kodu, deklas su NOKIA logotipu, ausines, laisvu ranku iranga su NOKIA logotipais, instrukcija originali visur NOKIA uzrasai, kompaktas NOKIA, ***** baterijos originalios NOKIA su hologramomis Nokios, pakrovejas su NOKIA logotipais.

//////// ISPEJIMAS: netikekit kai raso kad tai yra pagaminta "MADE IN FINLAND", jie nera pagaminti suomijoje, jie visi yra surinkti ir pagaminti KINIJOJE, is kur ir pargabenti /////////// Jokia Suomija negamina kopiju NOKIOS /////////////

Aprasymas angliskai:

Hot spots
*****.Slide phone. *****:***** copy*****
*****. Dual Bluetooth *****.*****
*****.key input
*****.support MP***** player, speed and pause, loudspeaker, good tone
*****. Stainless steel body
*****. Smoked glass sliding cover
*****. Language English/Chinese/others
*****. T*****Flash Card Suphporting,*****GB TF for free
***** .*****.***** Mega pixel camera for Picture & Video capability
*****. Stereo Loud speaker, ***** chord ring tone
*****. MP*****/AAC/AAC***** player
*****. GPRS & WAP connectivity, MMS Transceiver
*****. U disk support function to keep the information storage
*****. Memory Phonebook: Call records ***** dialed, ***** received, ***** missed calls
*****. Bluetooth *****.*****
*****. FM radio
*****. Calendar, to do list, Alarm, World Clock, Spotwatch
*****. Caller picture, caller Ring Tone
*****. Telephone directories: ***** Contact, support incoming call with big head sticker, group ring an Messages &Multimedia messaging: SMS, support MMS; can use downloaded MP***** as SMS rings
*****. Schedule power on/off: support to start/close under set time
*****. Alarm clock: ***** groups, support alarm clock when machine closed, can set from Monday to Sunday
*****. Games: ***** common games
*****. More information: MP*****, MP*****, Hands free, SMS group sending, Voice recorder, WAP, keyboard input, Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS, Memory extended, alarm clock, calculator, notepad, sound recorder ,Currency converter.....
Network GSM*****/ ***** / GSM *****/*****
SIZE ***** L* W * H ***** ***** * ***** ******.*****mm
BATTERY Lithium Batteries*****mAh
COLOR coffee
STANDBY TIME About ***** hours
TALKING TIME About *****Hours
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