Danich man living in Kaunus old town, lokking for Kaunus girl.

vieta: Kaunas

Skelbimo galiojimas baigėsi!

Sorry have not learnt lituanian, speak danich, englich and some germen.
I have my own internet based company working mostley out of Kaunas. I am well educated, and have a brod knolage on all things, so I know all about the fings that is important to you. Have no local friends.
I think not it is good to deside how far it will go, friend, girlfrind , Wife, children. Lets youst take a cop of cofee, and talk and wee will se how far if goes.
From 17/7 til 10/8 I will be on a small Malaysian island, and will not anser phone, and rarley mail, so downt put anny thing in it if no anser from me in this 3 weekes.
Sorry pictures is opside down, selfie from midsommer in Kaunas 1 mounch a go
I like girla with a good hard and a good personality. If you looke a litle slim and look young it will not be bed eather, else let me invite you out and wee will se.

Kiss Jim
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