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NAUJIENA! Garantuotas apmokamas darbas AUSTRALIJOJE!

Kaimo ir atokesniuose Australijos miesteliuose žemės ūkio srityje, aptarnavimo sferoje, auklėms, seselėms, mokytojams ir t.t.

Viza suteikiama metams laiko su galimybe pratęsti.

Atlyginimas 300-400$ per savaitę+nemokamas pragyvenimas.

Darbdavys apie darbą:

"- It is specifically for those who have grown up on a farm, trained or worked in agriculture or veterinary science. It
is also available to well qualified young people with any other skills which can be used in rural and outback Australia – such as nurses, teachers, construction workers, miners, hospitality and tourism workers and those who work in any branch of adventure tourism. It is also available to those who are very good horse riders,
agricultural mechanics, diesel engineers or experience in other branches of agriculture including aquaculture.

• Outback pubs/hotels: Work as a chef, help in the kitchen, behind the bar, clean the rooms
• Outback roadhouses: Work behind the counter, preparing sandwiches, serving fuel, cleaning
• Outback stations: Work as a cook for the staff at the homestead or as a camp cook
• Outback/Island resorts: Reception work, housekeeping, tour desk, Food & Beverage MOTHER’S HELP:
• Outback stations:
• Work as a nanny
• Cooking for the family
• Gardening
•Help with Distance Education
• Cleaning the house
• Looking after animals

.... different types of FARM jobs:
• With horses and stock on cattle and sheep stations
• With motorbikes and stock on cattle or sheep stations
• Driving tractors, combines, headers, graders and farm machinery
• With harvesting contractors, module building, boll buggy driving
• With fencing or spraying contractors
• At trail riding centres and riding schools
• At racing & polo stables
• At Event, show jumping & dressage stables
• General farm work of all sorts
• Welding and mechanical tasks
• Checking dams, troughs & pipes
• Gardening & watering plants
• Feeding the animals
• General maintenance of machinery & the property"

GALIMA IR SAVANORYSTĖ! Tokiu atveju viskas kainuoja perpus pigiau, na bet, žinoma, dirbate be atlygio.


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