For sale new 4g iphones, ipad2, ipads, bb playbook tablets, samsungs etc

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We are a company that sells value phones and PDAs as well as home electronics

Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality electronic products to
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* We offer a 30 days return policy and a 100% money back guarantee.

NOTE: These phones is 100% unlocked and can be used with any SIM card. No activation required (check requirements the carrier frequency) insert your SIM card and start using the phone.

You order international clientele.

PLEASE NOTE THAT returns are accepted for the last 3 months of the date of purchase.

Below is our price list:

Apple iPhone 4 32GB (unlocked 550usd )
Apple iPhone 4 16GB (unlocked )====$450
Apple Iphone 3GS 16GB (Unlocked 300usd )
Apple iPhone 3GS 32 GB S (Unlocked )=====$350USD
Apple iPhone 3G 8GB (Unlocked 220usd )===$
Apple Iphone 4GB 3G (Unlocked 230usd )===$
4 GB Apple iPhone (Unlocked 180usd )===$
Apple iPhone 8GB (Unlocked 250usd )===$
Apple iPhone 16GB (Unlocked 300usd )===$
Apple iPhone Gold 24K 16GB unlocked $ 400usd ===
Apple iTouch 32GB (Unlocked 200usd )===$

New Apple iPad 2 ..............$800
Apple 64GB iPad with Wi Fi ====== 600USD
Apple Tablet 64GB 3G Unlocked ====== 700usd IPAD

300usd Nokia E75 ============$
Nokia N900 ==========$ 350USD
Nokia N95 330usd ========$
Nokia N95 8GB 320usd $======$
Nokia N96 350USD ========$
Nokia N97 32GB 450usd ============$
Nokia 8800 Arte Sapphire Diamond 24K GOLD === $ 500usd

Blackberry Playbook Tablet 3g+wifi 64gb...$500
Blackberry Playbook Tablet 3g+wifi 32gb...$400
Blackberry Playbook Tablet 3g+wifi 16gb....$300
Gemini =========$ 550usd BlackBerry 9300
BlackBerry Curve 8900 ========== $ 280usd
BlackBerry Bold 9000 $ 300usd ==========
BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 $ =========== 140usd
BlackBerry Storm 2 =========== $ 400usd
Blackberry Storm 9500 ============$ 350USD
BlackBerry Tour 9630 ============$ 500USD

HTC EVO 4G 390usd ==============================
HTC Touch Pro 2 ========================== 350USD
HTC Dream 380usd ===============================
Magic 300USD =============================== HTC
T-Mobile G1 HTC ========================== 270usd
HTC Touch Diamond 2 ===================== 260usd
HTC Snap 250USD ===============================
HTC Touch HD =========================== 240usd
HTC Touch Pro 2 220usd =========================
HTC Touch Viva 130usd =========================
T-Mobile G2 Touch 200usd ======================

All orders are shipped the same day
We make daily international and domestic shipments
2 day delivery express most countries via reliable couriers (DHL, FedEx and UPS)

To order, simply return to us with your
Complete shipping information such as:

Name: ... ... ...
Delivery address: ... ... ..
Phone: ... ... ..

Shipping Method: FedEx / DHL / UPS

Delivery time: within 3 working days

Please contact us for more information and purchase requests.

Thank you


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